Book Review: The Man with the $100,000 Breasts

When it comes to gambling, there are two types of people. There are the people who know that it’s all about the luck of the draw and choose to throw a couple of pennies into a slot machine for a laugh, and perhaps rejoice if they win £10 because hey, that’s a prize! Then there’s the people at the other end of the spectrum, people who will bet all the money they have, the houses they own, the life they lead, all for a taste of risk and danger.


Brian Zembic is one of these kinds of people. He likes to gamble, and he likes to gamble dangerously, playing games with incredibly high stakes. He’s also a notorious ladies man, who enjoys female company a lot. One day, a competitor put two and two together and forced Brian to face the greatest bet of all.


If Brian got a boob job similar to those of all his favourite lady companions, he would receive $100,000.


‘The Man with the $100,000 Breasts’ is the true story of gambling fanatic, Brian Zembic and how he totally changed his life forever by taking his friend up on a very bizarre bet that left him with breasts measuring at a whopping 38C and an extra $100,000 in his wallet. It also goes on to tell the story of several other gamblers who play with the stakes just as high as Brian Zembic and have had their lives totally turned upside down thanks to successful gambling and making excessive wins.


Author Michael Konik is a gambling expert who has spent years researching and following the stories of individuals who are willing to set the stakes higher than anybody else. Not only does Konik share the successes of these people with his readers but he also shares inside tips and facts that can assist the reader in achieving a big win themselves should they fancy a spot of gambling. Sharing these stories provides readers with an inside eye to the world of gambling and all of the glamour and glitz that comes with it. However, it also has a more serious undertone, expressing to readers just how fickle Lady Luck can be; particularly when it comes to gambling.
If you’re looking for a laugh or maybe some money-making inspiration, Konick’s ‘The Man with the $100,000 Breasts’ might just be the solution you seek.

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