Casino Confidential – Anonymous

Written by a long-serving pit boss from Las Vegas, Nevada, Casino Confidential is a must-have introduction to casino gambling. First trip to Vegas? Do you plan to play (more) online? Arm yourself with this educational book and you may just decrease the odds of losing.

The Book

In Casino Confidential, the author mixes basic game strategy with his own anecdotes and real-life experiences to create an enjoyable read for novice gamblers. The book begins with a chapter called, “How the Casinos Rob You Blind,” valuable information to be sure. Then chapter 2 offers some keys to successful gambling, leaving the remaining chapters dedicated to the primary rules and strategy of individual games including roulette, craps, slot machines, and various types of poker. Aside from being an informative source for game rules, the author also discusses player psychology and the reason the house has the advantage.

Casino Confidential also includes advice on money management, portrays the various ways people lose money at the casino, and provides simple strategies to try to maximize gains. The author really stresses the importance of knowing when (and how) to walk away, making the book a great guide to responsible gambling.

Possibly the most interesting parts of the book however, are the insider stories in which the author reveals the vulnerabilities of a casino and the games therein. This is what makes this book stand out among other introductory books in its genre, and the author does offer a worthwhile perspective based on experience.

The Author

Since some of the information in the book, as the title implies, is confidential insider information, the author of Casino Confidential has chosen to remain anonymous. The very word “anonymous” carries with it an air of mystery, which adds to the intrigue of potential readers, and though we can’t know who the author is, we can make some judgement on his credibility by what he does. A pit boss is responsible for supervising dealers and even supervising other supervisors. He or she must have a broad and complete understanding of all casino game rules and regulations. A pit boss is also depended upon to detect and deal with cheaters and con artists, approve high-dollar wagers, and most importantly, protect the casino’s money. Knowing all this, it is safe to assume the author is a competent source of basic game knowledge.

Critical Reviews

Critics agree that Casino Confidential offers valuable insights into the inner workings of a casino and a good overview of the most popular casino games. If you are new to gambling, critics describe this book as a great place to start, but advanced players will not be likely to gain much new information. Critics also frequently commented that the author put a great deal of emphasis on disciplined money management, which makes this book ideal for keen beginners -those optimistic souls in danger of erratically throwing money about the casino with no understanding of what is going on. Let us keep in mind that the critics for this particular book are likely to be seasoned players, and listen to their advice. If you are planning to take up gambling, critics agree you should read this book first.

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