Lay the Favorite

Sports betting is a well-loved pastime that can become a career if the odds are in your favor. But isn’t that always the way? For Beth Raymer, author of the funny, rude, fascinating Lay The Favorite, that is exactly what happened. Her story is one not to be missed, in fact it was so intriguing it was picked up by Hollywood and adapted into a screenplay starring the likes of Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Vince Vaughn.



A chance meeting and a girl in need of a job – that’s how this book begins, and the pace, quick and quirky, never lets up. Beth Raymer had nothing when she arrived in Las Vegas in 2001. Sleeping in $17 a night motels, waiting tables, and trying to pay her way for her and her dog… life was tough. But then Dink happened. Dink who was, despite his unlikely name, one of the most successful sports gamblers in Sin City. He needed an assistant and the job description – no stealing, be punctual, add the numbers up right – fitted Beth perfectly. She got the job and was soon on the inside track when it came to sports betting in the biggest show on earth.



There is nothing bad to say about Lay The Favorite – it is a joyous read that races (pun intended) along at a clip and takes the reader with it all the way. Beth Raymer’s rise from assistant to expert is astronomical, and it makes for a fabulous story. Beth is completely aware of the strangeness of the world she willingly entered all those years ago, a world that is so apart from anything the ‘average’ person would know that it is an alien concept. But she doesn’t let that stop her – and it doesn’t stop everyone from enjoying this great book either. Engagingly written with a sense of humor and an ironic wink, Raymer has us all in the palm of her hand.

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