The Smart Money: How the World’s Best Bettors Beat the Bookies Out of Millions – Michael Konik

We’d all love to have the amazing lifestyle of a professional gambler, and there are tons of success stories out there. But, there are other forms of gambling that don’t involve a casino and can prove to be very lucrative. For example, betting on sports and events has grown in popularity significantly over the past ten years, and there is definitely a market for it today.

The trick is to know how to bet, and what to bet on. If you have knowledge of sports, or you follow a particular sport, you might be able to make educated bets to help you win. But, it’s always a bit of a lottery; what you need is advice and support that will help you to make the right bets. It’s important to try to take advantage of the loopholes that bookies and online sportsbooks have.

If you are someone who enjoys having a flutter on sporting events now and again, you may well benefit from the use of this book. Michael Konik is a journalist who has compiled this book from interviewing gamblers and bettors across the country. His book, The Smart Money has become a bestseller across the world.

The book follows the exploits of Rick ‘Big Daddy’ Matthews, the man known as the world’s smartest sports bettor. This book is one of the go-to books for people who want to get involved in sports betting. It’s really important that you learn about the inner workings of sports betting, and how you can become a successful bettor.

The fact that we now have online casinos and sportsbooks makes it much easier, and more accessible, for people to bet whenever there feel like it. You can download apps to your phone that allow you to access online bookies at just the click of a button. If there are any sports, you follow throughout the season it’s important to think about the sorts of bets you want to make.

Head to Amazon and take a look at the reviews of this book; you won’t be sorry! It has a score of 5 stars and will be perfect for people who are looking to expand their knowledge and experience of sports betting. You might think that the book is rather expensive, but you should consider it a great investment for the future, and your first step down the road to betting supremacy.

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