Blackjack Strategy Chart to Optimise Your Winning Chances

If you are a blackjack follower, hearing it as the ‘game of luck’ maybe your daily counterpart. But with luck, comes a good blackjack strategy. To be a pro in this, you need more than those basic strategies, however. Have a look at this article, and you will strictly come to know what:

Blackjack strategy chart Reading Tips

The blackjack strategy chart is like any other chart, telling the players about the best move a player can proceed with after they have their first two cards in hand and the dealer’s card has been disclosed. A typical blackjack strategy starts mainly with five categories, from which a player has the liberty to choose. The categories include hit, double down, surrender, split, and stand. In the meantime, players should emphasize strongly upon their hand’s total value and the dealer’s upward.

There are different variations of the basic blackjack strategy chart, from where you can determine the best play. But a thing worth telling is that one must check out a reliable chart that has proven its effectiveness already. If you are a first-time looking person, you may be right away discouraged, thinking the chart is difficult to understand. Yet, they are super easy.

The upright or the vertical edge in a blackjack chart, usually has all the totals a player gets, while horizontally arranged on top are the upwards of the dealer. For a particular total acting up against the upcard, you will find a significant move in the boxes where the two cross each other.

It is also suggested that players be aware of their order of playing decisions they have selected as a blackjack strategy card. First, be clear whether you are to surrender (in case there’s an option) or not. Once you have considered other playing decisions, you will not be able to surrender anymore. After this, decide on splitting; followed by doubling, hitting, and lastly staying. One thing that is missed by a blackjack strategy chart is insurance; simply because buying is not an essential option for primary strategists.

There’s a partial possibility that specific options may not be open to you as a player. Depending upon the house restrictions or that you have already given your optimal decision, the reason is not always the same in every case. The most pleasing thing to such inability is moving in with the second-best option, i.e., hitting. Typically, the basic blackjack strategy chart is also likely to have the second-best plays already.

Five examples of Optimal Play Strategies in Blackjack

Below are five strategy examples that you can employ in any blackjack game unless the rules are declared otherwise. Also, considering that you are not a card player, but a usual recreational player, any of the below blackjack strategy will help you out:

  • 1st Strategy Example: Doubling down on the Hard 11.

Doubling down on the Hard 11 against your dealer’s upward will always bring you more reward. This is true in all games except for the multi-deck game in which the dealer is supposedly standing on soft 17. For this particular game, hitting against the dealer, Ace is a better blackjack strategy card.

  • 2nd Strategy example: Splitting a pair of 8s and aces.

No matter what upcard the dealer might have in their hand, splitting a pair of 8s and aces should be your move. It is common to neglect this strategy when the dealer has an upcard of 9, 10, or Ace; which turns out to be a pretty unhappy game after then for the player.

  • 3rd Strategy example: Never splitting the Pair of 5s or tens

The blackjack chart may not be explicitly pointing at this, but you should never split the pair of 5s as it also becomes a hard 10. Instead of merely doing so, take one or more card draws to 10, splitting the 5s and playing two hands where each starts with 5.

With that, the critical blackjack strategy is: Try to keep the 10s together to 20 because it brings a more significant winning play and not split the 10s more often.

  • 4th Strategy example: Hit the hard 12 against 2 or 3 upcards of the dealer.

Even the most experienced would chicken out and stand on 12 due to having a sense of getting busted. Nevertheless, against the dealer’s 2 or 3 upcards, you will lose your money regardless of whether it’s stand or hit. The basic blackjack chart strategy is that hitting will make sure you lose the minimum money possible.

  • 5th Strategy example: Hitting ace-7 while the dealer’s upcard is 9, 10, or Ace.

It’s no less than a myth that a hand with totals of 18 is a certain victory, meaning standing on the soft 18 or A-7 is a bad idea. Even an incredibly ridiculous move becomes when the dealer is holding a strong upcard such as 9, 10, and Ace.

Basically, in this blackjack chart strategy: Whenever you have an A-7 against the dealer’s 9, 10, or Ace; no matter whether you stand or hit, you are the underdog. But when you hit A-7 with the motive of getting a soft 19-21 or a brutal 17 from 21, it will show up as the best strategy you apply.

Where I can practice my Blackjack strategy

There are several blackjack strategy chart one ought to memorize. Almost every person starts with the basic strategies and eventually moves to the proper ones. Memorizing on the one side, and practicing them on the other end. Where should you initiate your journey to becoming an expert?

In some cases, it is the casinos themselves that’ll offer you the blackjack strategy card when playing. You should print out the same as well. Keep your benchmark to one chart at one time only. And in case you want to keep yourself to a particular blackjack game, better it will be if you focus on the game’s valid blackjack chart only.


There are plenty of blackjack types out there, from where you must choose only those that simultaneously bring your more winning stakes. Also, find the most reliable blackjack chart for each.

Any blackjack game with the essence of a typical blackjack game will surely give doubling, doubling after splitting, splitting, and surrendering options. Anything missed out means that your winning chance is lowered and, hence, the blackjack strategy card’s low success.

Moreover, it has been reported that most mortar casinos do not allow surrendering. But keeping all of that away, read the strategy charts thoroughly because that is how a person becomes a blackjack expert. A blackjack strategy chart is always sure to help.


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