Blazing Bull Slot Review — Best Tips and Strategy

The six-reel Blazing Bull Slot game is themed with wild animals and open areas similar to North America. The developer, Kalamba Games, had built the game with basically no super spins and no hyper but. That perhaps evaluates the user experience.

Apart from the exciting gameplay, the look of the game draws the attention of everybody. Even the RTP in Blazing Bull Slot, which is more than the usual RTPs, is a plus for the game.

High Volatility and High Security of Blazing Bull Slot

The algorithm is made such that you can hit the free spins numbers evil spinning the reels, and that will keep tempting you to continue the Blazing Bull Slot game and objectify wild multipliers at the same time.

You have to invest greater in bets on this game for low-rollers too. Starting from 60 p/c, it can even go up high to €120 for one spin. The RTP of Blazing Bull Slot is 97.42%, while volatility is away behind the scenes. That means that it is a very volatile slot game.

Split the Symbols

It has four rows and over 4096 ways to win. Blazing bull, the eagle, the bear, the mountain lion, and the wolf are five symbols with a higher value. On the other hand, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A exist with lower symbol values in Blazing Bull Slot.

Scatter symbols are the gold and silver coins. Players have to begin with nine gold spins, and seven solver spins that you’ll find above the reels. You will also get a 2x multiplier wild for silver sound and a 3x multiplier for Blazing Bull Slot’s gold spins.

Winning Tips to Follow in Blazing Bull

Being safe or skipping enemies such as Hammer swingers and riflemen’s is your key. Maybe reaching the closest sculptor’s tool will help you. And yes, there’s a shortcut to it.

In your initial days of playing Blazing Bull Slot, getting nearer to the blazing bull seems quite hard. You’ll learn it with time, but for now, know a shortcut to it.

Starting from the sculptor’s idol in the gate, hurry straight and chase the rifleman to kill him ultimately. Up until you enter the gatehouse, keep battling behind him. To the right, jump down on a deeper wall with tiles. Continue running ahead with the tiled roof; don’t stop until you arrive at the tall wall. Clamber up and proceed with running to another grabbable wall. There is a mysterious way that will bring you to the high, vast pagoda. Go to its height and turn right. Hop down to the nearest shorter wall. Now, you have two guards shielding the blazing ball space. Deathblow one of them and assassinate the other to catch up with the blazing bull.

Best Strategy to Approach on Blazing Bull Slot

In the Blazing Bull Slot game, the match’s open area should not be where you stay. Also, stay on the sideways and not jump over the bull instantly.

While the blazing bull comes out from the hut, hurriedly come close to him. You can also use the firecracker to the boss on its tracks. The fight happens too quickly, meaning your responses have to be quick in Blazing Bull Slot.

Temporarily stun the bull by pressing the deflect button when its main tree trunk is about to clash with a wolf. In the meantime, look for a few hits.

Our final Verdict
Greg Frederick
Greg Frederick
If you are genuinely searching for slots that pay, Blazing Bull Slot is just your perfect find.
The game is beautiful, even in terms of playing rules and appearance. Mountains and rivers and valley pictures add a light to it. The symbols are great looking too; after all, it is brightly colored. Blazing Bull Slot doesn't resemble cartoons; however, they are not entirely realistic at the same time.
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