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Book of Ra Slot is an Egyptian theme based five reel 9-payline slots, a game full of thrill and adventure, featuring many famous characters like Indiana Jones, Pharaoh, and many others. The colorful and vibrant visual aids, the deep setting background music keep the gamers enthralled throughout the game. The game revolves around a treasure hunt in an Egyptian setting with the gamer entering a tomb made of gold to find the hidden treasure, the Golden Book of Ra. Several symbols are used in this game; therefore, it is essential to understand the game before playing. It comes with several bonus features and playouts with a high winning probability making it one of the most famous casinos.

Book of Ra Game: Set-Up

Like any other slot game, Book of Ra needs to be set up, which is done by placing a bet. The game is set-up by setting your choice’s coin size in the bet-line option before making a spin. After the bets are chosen, the start button is used to start the spinning of the reels. As soon as the player earns a win, the gamble feature is set in by the gamble button. The collect button collects the winnings through the gamble feature. Finally, the auto-play button automatically turns the reels for the number of times chosen by the player, ensuring a smooth game without any interruptions.

Book of Ra Game: Symbols, Theme, and Design

This game features the famous story of Indiana Jones on the hunt of finding the Book of Ra, containing the spell of immortality. The game is set-up in an entirely Egyptian setting, having various symbols Pharaoh, Cleopatra, a Scarab, Indiana Jones, the famous 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. All symbols hold different amounts, with the Egyptian symbols having the maximum pay-outs. The theme, symbols, and unique designs make Book of Ra one of the most played games worldwide.

Book of Ra Slot: Bonuses and Technical Features

Besides the actual winning game, there are two other bonuses, the free spin system, and the gamble system. The free spin round is activated as soon as the player wins three scatter symbols, which provide free spins. The winning spin provides the player to get it doubled, and the gamble system makes the player choose between a red card and a black card; winning is decided by the card that is flipped. At most, the winnings can be gambled up to a prize, five times the original sum. This game’s main feature is the Book of Ra symbol, which holds the maximum importance in the game; this symbol can be changed into any other symbol that helps the player win the game. The player has to win three or more scatter symbols to win the game. The Book of Ra comes with a great chance of winning with barely anyone with any separate review.

Dual Reel Sets

There are two sets of reels, a twenty-five and a seventy, which are entirely different from the other paylines. However, the count is taken considering both the reels to activate the bonus round.

Stacked Symbols

During the regular play and the free spin, the symbols with the highest value, which is the adventurer (Indiana Jones) and the Pharaoh separately stacked in the second set of reels.

Bets, Jackpots, and Pay-outs

It is generally considered better to put up the maximum bet as winning the jackpot is better. The Book of Ra comes with a maximum jackpot of 50,000 and comes with only ten free spins, making it a bit challenging yet all the more satisfying if won.

The Book of Ra has a considerable percentage of pay-outs, which comes by hitting three or more jacks in one of the nine paylines in the classical version of the Book of Ra.

User Verdict on the Book of Ra:

The Book of Ra has been one of the most played games in casinos since its launching, and with all the features mentioned, it is no surprise that most people prefer this game.


The Book of Ra takes the player to a thrilling world of adventure with ancient Egypt’s theme and the intriguing mysteries of the past. The Book of Ra is a game someone would prefer to try their luck on the slot games. It is available on the GCLUB platform with all of the features mentioned above.

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