Chicago Gold Slot — Gameplay, RTP, and Features Review

The Chicago Gold Slot is a great casino game that Micro Gaming develops. The game has some of the most pleasing graphics in the industry. The Chicago Gold Slot revolves around the mid-1920s era of criminal activities of Chicago gold. The players can become a part of a gang and earn some high rewards. There are a total of five individual reels in Chicago Gold Slot that spins to provide a combination. When you land on the desired outcomes of the slots, the reward is given accordingly. The credit for developing Chicago Gold Slot goes to Micro Gaming. There is a maximum of 40 lines that are responsible for showing the combinations. Players love to give this new game a try and earn some real money.

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RTP, Variance, and Top Payout

Many players think that Chicago Gold Slot is very complex and hard to play. But in reality, the game offers with average RTP of 96%. This is quite normal as everything is according to the standards set by the community. The minimum amount a player can bet is $0.20, while it can go not more than $50 in a single go. Moreover, any amount between these limits is acceptable by the slot without any issue. Therefore, if you wish to bet more, you can play Chicago Gold Slot several times. Also, if we talk about the variance aspect, it is claimed to be high. It means players have more chances of winning while they play Chicago Gold Slot. On a lucky day, players can win 5000x of their stake. This is the reason that players prefer Chicago Gold Slot over other games.

Symbols and Paytable

The rewards in Chicago Gold Slot are decided based on the output combinations of the spin. If the player is successful in getting a complex array of outputs, he will get huge benefits. The symbols are designed to look like animated mobsters. The cop symbols mean high stakes in Chicago Gold Slot. Apart from the symbols, various logos and numbers also determine the final reward. The game will automatically calculate the final stake and give you payback accordingly.

Gameplay and Features

It is for sure that the overall gameplay of Chicago Gold Slot is exciting. Players will not only earn money but also get a lot of entertainment. Some of the known features of the Chicago Gold Slot are as follows.

Bonus Rewards

The bonus rewards are the best way to collect some of the high rewards in the Chicago Gold Slot. You can activate a bonus round by landing three different bonus symbols. Also, these should land on alternate slots of the game. The players can also increase the probability of winning by playing more.

Jackpot Prize

There is no doubt that Chicago Gold Slot has one of the biggest jackpots in the community. Players can win high rewards by getting any of the four jackpots in the game. They are,

  • Mini Jackpot with 50x stake result (Max-$2500)
  • Minon Jackpot with 100x stake result (Max-$5000)
  • Major Jackpot with 500x stake result (Max-$25000)
  • Grand Jackpot with 5000x stake result (Max-$250,000)
Our Slot Verdict
Greg Frederick
Greg Frederick
Hence, players should play Chicago Gold Slot and get the most out of it. Also, the exceptionally high variance and suitable RTP make it a preferable choice. Also, you will be able to increase the reward amount by activating the multi collect feature.
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