Five Times Pay Slot Review – Best Hacks for Success

The Five Times Pay electronic game is similar to the real world one with three reels, three rows with an active 1-3 pay-line.

This slot game doesn’t complicate the situation with free spins, re-spins, or any such bonus features. It prefers to play it simple with its ‘ Five Times Pay’ wild symbol. One can go up to bag a win as big as 15,000 jackpot coins on the slot machine.

Five Times Play Slot

Five Times Pay – Velocity, Volatility, and Hit Frequency

Even with an RTP of 96%, the Five Times Pay is said to have high volatility. Research suggests that an online slot with high volatility,i.e. lets one win large rewards, will always have a low hit frequency.

Slot Machines are mechanized in such a way that they would run 600 to 1200 spins per hour.

Free Spins And Other Slot Features

The Five Times Pay slot likes to do it old-school style and doesn’t offer any free spins. This online slot possesses the unique feature of ‘multiplier’.

So how does this ‘multiplier’ works?

We are aware that a ‘Five Times Pay’ wild will exist in the game, and it possesses certain qualities. Suppose, if one, ‘Five Times Pay’ wild appears in the winning combination, then it would act on its role and will get your reward to be multiplied by 5.

Similarly, if two wilds show up in your winning combination, your prize would get multiplied 25 times. Ultimately, one can win 15,000 coins if the golden moment of three wilds shows up on the reels as the winning combination.

Why is Five Times Pay Slot So Popular?

It follows a simple process, hence easy to access, and has remained at the top for ages. It has been popular among the frugal and the extravagant both for its 1-3 credit line.

Huge prizes, Multiplying features, easy use all these features add up to establish itself as a popular slot game of all time.

To Wrap it All up
Greg Frederick
Greg Frederick
It might be a traditional slot game that has survived its way through time. With its simple features and appealing jackpots, it is in for the long run.
Let us not forget that the 'multiplying' feature makes it all the more attractive to us.
Five Times Play Slot FAQ

What Kind Of Special Feature Can You Expect?

One might not find free spins in this online machine, but you would find another unique one called 'Multiplier'.

Where can I Play Five Times Slot Machine For Free?

One can easily find this addicting game on GClub. And can try it out there for free.

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