The Grand Monarch Slot Review

This online slot glorifies nature, and hence its symbols are the butterfly and the caterpillar. The Grand Monarch slot revolves around the life cycle of a butterfly. Thus the ‘butterfly’ wild symbol can stand in for other symbols except for the caterpillar.

The first and foremost rule to play the Grand Monarch is to acquire a betting fund that ranges between $0.01 to $5 in the slot machine.

Grand Monarch Free Spins And Other Slot Features

If your lucky star is on your side, you end up with the ‘Caterpillar‘ symbol in the 2,3, or 4 reels of the slot machine then you will be honored with five free spins. Now, this phenomenon will keep on repeating if one keeps scoring three or more ‘caterpillars’ in the 2,3, or 4 reels of the slot machine.

Other than free spins, the ‘Grand Monarch’ can pose as a stacked wild card symbol itself and can at times cover the entire reel.

Grand Monarch Bonus Features and Pay-table

We know that one of the essential bonus features of any online slot is a free spin. Again, the Grand Monarch slot is no different, and we have already touched upon that subject.

This Slot game can offer free spins up to a limit of 255, which only increases the probability of winning. To satisfy the thirst for winning the slot game, offer a prize of 1000 coins on each spin.

The Volatility and Jackpot

An Online slot can range from high to low on a volatility scale. The Grand Monarch, with a return to player percentage of 93.99%, has established itself as medium volatility online slot game.

Grand monarch has managed to lure in players and has successfully retained their attention through their appealing jackpots. One can get as lucky as to win 50,000 coins on a spin.

Bottom Line
Greg Frederick
Greg Frederick
The Grand Monarch is indeed a fascinating online slot with its features making it more alluring. With its theme of being in nature's lap, the game only becomes more captivating.
With its features increasing the chances of a win, one can get addicted to it quite easily.
The Grand Monarch Slot FAQ

Can I Play on My Mobile device?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Because the Grand Monarch slot is yet, to grace us with its presence in mobile devices.

Is It Safe To Play?

It is usually safe, but one should play on secured online casinos on the safe side.

Are There Any Free Spins?

We have already mentioned this earlier, so we will repeat just that. If you are lucky enough to land up with the 'caterpillar' symbol in the 2,3 or 4 reels of the slot machine, then you would bag five free spins.


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