Ice Ice Yeti Slot Review — Action-Filled Tips To Follow

The Ice Ice Yeti slot is five reels and a 3-row online slot, with 243 ways to land a win. With snow-covered Yeti’s home as background and cute furry rascals as symbols to play with, the Ice Ice Yeti slot is an entertaining slot game.

The Basic Rules

We know that the Ice Ice Yeti slot is five reels and 3-row slot game, with over 200 ways to win. But that is not all about this online slot. The slot game starts with at least three unlocked positions on the reels while the rest of the symbols on reels remains in ice blocks. One will have to score Yeti wilds to free up the symbols by melting the ice blocks.

By melting, we free up the symbols, making them active, which increases our chance of winning. Symbols like baby polar bears, wolves, foxes, leopards, ice Yeti and royals in ice will appear on the reels in the slot machine.

The slot game provides you with the option of selecting a betting fund from $0.10 to $100.

Variance or Volatility of Ice Ice Yeti Slot

The Ice Ice Yeti slot has high volatility, which means it has a low hit frequency. The Return To the Player of this game is 96.16%. This slot is more inclined towards giving out big wins.

Ice Ice Yeti – Design, Winning Symbols and Graphics

From cute animated furry rascals to roaring Yetis, this slot game takes one through the snow-capped home of Yeti. This online slot has a backdrop of the frozen forest with an occasional appearance of roaring Yeti.

This online slot provides 3 active symbols, with several frozen symbols on the reels of the slot machine. Scoring Yeti wilds while spinning the reels can earn you the opportunity to free up the reel grid. It is a straight forward slot game. It would let you win and would grant a payout. If only you score three matching symbols on the adjacent reels of the slot machine.

Other Variants of Ice Ice Yeti

Ice Ice Yeti slot, with its unique backdrop and intriguing design, is one of a kind. Slot games with five reels, three rows and jackpots exist, but none like the Ice Ice Yeti slot.

So there isn’t any other variant of Ice Ice Yeti slot in existence.

In a Nutshell
Greg Frederick
Greg Frederick
The Ice Ice Yeti slot is one of its kind, with features like Ice Ice re-spin and Yeti shakes for re-spins as it is devoid of free spins. With the features enabling us to win almost 8,820 times of our stake, and over 6,000 ways leading towards it, the Ice Ice Yeti slot is indeed one in a million.
Ice Ice Yeti Slot FAQ

Can I Play on My Mobile device?

Yes. One can play it on a PC, tablet or mobile devices.

What are the Key Options of the Slot?

Wagers starting from $0.10 to $100 is the only option that needs to be selected by the player.

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