Starburst Slot Game - All the Important Details at your Fingertips

Starburst Slot Game is one of the most popular online slots of all time; it was released in 2012 by NetEnt and became the most popular online casino slot, consisting of fantastic graphics, great themes, and big wins.

Starburst Slot – An overview of the game

Starburst Slot Game is an easy game for beginners and newbies. The main objective of playing this game is to match and line similar symbols and any play lines within the game. It consists of 10 pay lines, which unlocks several ways to have a winning spin. You can get the symbols needed in each spin by wild symbols to make it easier.

How to Play: All Rules Explained

The first step in the Starburst Slot Game is to adjust the bets, and before performing spin, players should adjust their bet and make sure each spin is done within their budget. This can be done by adjusting the level and coin value. This level decides how many units per pay line are wagered; on the other hand, coin value determines the worth of one unit.

The second step in Starburst Slot Game is to choose the number of pay lines, which can determine how easy or difficult it will be to win each spin and is followed that the higher number of pay lines, the higher the probability of winning per spin.

You have to select the number of pay lines between 1 to 10, which can also be changed using the modifier in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen; increasing the pay lines is expensive.

Starburst Design, Winning Symbols and Graphics

Starburst Slot Game is based on a space theme, in which the stars in the background of the reels gives you a feeling of traveling in space. The symbols used are beautiful and seem very shiny, like gemstones. The sound effect used in the game will make you play the game again and again. There are seven symbols which are mentioned below and listed according to highest to lowest rewarding:

  • Classic golden bar worth 250 coins
  • Luckey 7 symbol worth 120 coins
  • Yellow diamond worth 60 coins
  • Green emerald worth 50 coins
  • Red ruby worth 40 coins
  • Blue sapphire worth 25 coins
  • Purple amethyst worth 25 coins

Another symbol that is not included is a wide symbol, which acts as a substitute for any of the symbols mentioned above to get a winning combination.

How much is the Starburst RTP %?

If we look at all NetEnt slots, they have a Return to Player (RTP) of at least 96%; on the other hand, Starburst Slot Game has an RTP of 96.1%, which is above average for online slots. This is calculated mathematically by comparing every possible outcome in a spin and the probability of them happening. This number is meant to give a vision of returning on a long-term amount of playing the game. High RTP is not the only factor in slot play; luck also plays a significant role.

Gameplay and Features of Starburst Slot Game

The gameplay of the Starburst Slot Game is fantastic and easy to understand. The excellent graphics of the game enhances the game experience. The clean symbols make it easy to play since it is so lucid.

One of the features of this game is Re-spin. Whenever you land on a wild symbol, that particular reel will be covered in wilds, and you will get a re-spin. Starburst also offers an autoplay feature that can be used if you want to avoid clicking the spin button every time.


Starburst Slot Game is an easy and most played slot in today’s generation. It is available to play for free, including all the bonus features, which look fantastic because of the animations and graphics.

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