Suspended Bet — What Does It Mean For You

When the betting market gets suspended for any cause, the situation is defined by the word ‘Suspended Bet’. The most frequently seen cases of such suspended bets are in a sporting event, rather than casinos. Such as horse racing or football; primarily those that involve a human, a field, and energy.

In any particular sporting event, there is most likely an ‘occurrence’ that shouldn’t have occurred otherwise. Now, the occurrence can be anything that is not predicted but creating a thick mess. Moreover, it will affect the in-play situation. How much will the influence go, cannot be said until the situation is right in front of you?

While in the course of a suspended Bet, respective players are not allowed to place bets. Neither are they permitted to cash out any bet amount put before the event or while the game is on.

Why Bookmakers suspend bets on a sporting market

It is the bookmakers that will hit up the sporting market with a Suspended Bet. But placing a perspective as a bookmaker, they have a proper reason to do so. And they will do so on a sporting market when they sense that the possibilities are not reflected with honesty any longer against the best possible findings.

The good thing is that the Suspended Bet mark on any sport is usually given for a little time, such as minutes. However, the time length is truly not consistent and will vary upon the game, what had happened, and the bookmaker’s reasoning.

For instance, the football game sees a long duration of Suspended Bet. Events such as injuries and potential red cards force the in-charge to suspend the games for the time being. Also, a long, suspended timeline is not seen in all cases. Only those that need extra attention have a longer suspended length.

Which Sport Suffers More From Suspended Betting

Football is one of the most widely popular games to receive numerous Suspended Bet. Suspended bets in football are more like breaks until the causing issue is resolved or improved. Few other reasons for this are unsupportive weather, unpleasant audience, or crowd gathering.

The second game to frequently suffer suspended bet is horse racing betting. Indeed horse racing betting is prevalent, although there can be a problem such as bets getting suspended, who knows?

Suspended bets are a standard counterpart in horse racing. Bookmakers suspend the betting game for a while. While the suspended bet is still going on, some bookies also give out in-play odds. Here, the negative point is that in-play odds are very much lower than winning of the horses.

For the bookies, longer horse racing races are better, and it is easier for the bookmakers to give out in-play odds on them. Throughout the entire horse racing game, jump races are the most common. Because there’s where you see heavier mistakes and fall, participants can also be brought down and get down from being in the rider’s position. This is one circumstance when horse racing will be suspenseful for a while until solved.

Ante-post betting, which is also another popular betting series in horse racing, can also be suspended. The most frequent situation that brings suspensions on ante-post horse racing betting is when the bookies learn that neither of the horses is joining the race anymore. Horses not joining the race anymore can be due to catching illness, weakness, etc. As a result of this, bookies have to suspend the betting and reprice the market all over again.

The more upsetting part is that your bookie can also suspend the betting at the end moment right before the horse race has even begun. Such an immediate decision has been taken because they cannot walk correctly or run long and fast. The bookie will then inform you about the Suspended Bet and that he has to form a new market now.

Golf is another sport that faces such suspensions regularly. That is because many players give out big swings at one time, hence saving more time. Big swings are so confusing that it makes way to a suspension soon after.

Shot lead also vanishes in a moment, and this is when the bookie will know about it and finally identify as Suspended Bet. These two but getting suspended in betting off can be due to other reasons such as penalty strokes or balls being set outside the boundary line.

How Do I Know if My Bet were suspended?

In almost all the cases, the bookmakers themselves will let you know about the Suspended Bet if they have given any. To know more, contact them personally. You will anyway come to know when you go to cash out and get back nothing but disappointment.

How To Avoid Suspended Bets?

Once you experience how horrible getting suspensions on betting are, you will not want to fall into it again for another time. But what can even the wagers do in that matter?

Although getting a Suspended Bet is not in the hands of a wager, the best answer is avoiding. The first thing that you may want to try out to get away with; is placing bets, value, and time in a very reliable unconditional market. The point here refers to those markets that are supposedly not there for providing to play, nor are they trying to cash out bets.


Any casinos’ bettings will already have their Suspended Bet policies set that the wagers must strictly adhere to. The policy will primarily discuss how they reserve the right to suspend any bets when an unpredicted or unfavorable problem has arisen. After the market has been restored, the bets that were left discontinued will be continued shortly.


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