Sports Spread Betting — Explanation for newbies

When you talk about sports betting, it is more about a won or loss bet. You bet on who you think is going to win or lose the game. But with Spread Betting, it is a little different than that. In Spread Betting, bet on a spread. A spread is simply a range of outcomes. When you bet on a spread, you bet whether above or below that range of those outcomes.

Sports Spread Betting gives you an alternative to traditional sports betting. In traditional betting, you deal with fixed odds. But this is not the case with sports Spread Betting. You bet on a very specific result, and then eventually, that result can be above or below the ‘spread ‘offered by a sports betting firm. You can have profit or loss according to how above or below the spread is your bet. If you want to consult books for help, you should look into some spread betting books.

How to place a spread bet on sports?

A sports-based spread is a point-based system. You have to buy or sell price, and the difference between these two is called the spread. You can do spread betting with a bookmaker who is an expert in this area.

When sports spread betting, it depends on you if you bet on higher or lower, and every bet is made on this basis. Spread Betting is not available for all sports and is better in some sports.

One way to explain how you can do Spread betting is by this. In a football game, you see two prices when betting. The lower one is the selling price, and the higher is the buy price. These numbers will be in decimals, while the actual outcome is a whole number.

If you choose a bet higher than the buy price, you’ll have to buy the spread, and if you have to bet lower than the selling price, then you’ll have to sell the spread.

After this, you decide how much money you want to bet. If you bought the spread, the number of goals should be higher than the buy price. If you sold the spread, the goals should be lower than the selling price. You can also read spread betting books for help.

Sports spread betting tips for beginners

Some of the Spread Betting Tips for sports Spread Betting are mentioned:

  • Understand the sports Spread Betting Risks before deciding a wager amount as the losses can be huge as there are no fixed odds.
  • You should understand the buy-sells strategy and proceed cautiously.
  • If you feel like you will lose a spread bet, you should remember you can cash out early and don’t have for the whole bet to play out. This will save you from suffering great losses.
  • You should always study the game and the market before Spread Betting.

These were some of the Spread Betting Tips you should keep in mind.

Sports spread betting risks

Some of the sports Spread Betting Risks are mentioned:

  • One of the major sports Spread Betting Risks is that you can lose many times. You can lose a significant amount of money when Spread Betting.
  • When you decide to do Spread betting, you should also know that you will have lesser places to bet and fewer options and chances of winning.
  • Spread Betting also offers fewer bonuses and rewards.


You can do sports Spread betting, and you should keep the Spread Betting Tips and Spread Betting Risks in mind. You can also consult spread betting books to learn more.


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